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Epic Games South Africa is an independent official distributor of branded games, puzzles and collectibles. 

We offer a range of themed fun board games, card games, trading cards and more. We combine the excitement and suspense of board games like Risk, Cluedo, Monopoly, Top Trumps with your favourite superhero, football league, and television franchises. Allowing for a more inclusive gaming experience for everyone. 

We want your imagination to run wild with our collectable cards, stickers, jigsaw puzzles and mind-bending crafts. So, whether you’re looking for an explosive time of fun and games or you are an impassioned collector, we have something for you. Our purpose is to maximize your experience and maybe intensify game night. 

With Epic Games South Africa you get to explore all the different ways to enjoy fun quality time with family and friends.

Our Board Games: 


Remains an all-time favourite. This is a different kind of real-estate game, here the aim is to bankrupt your opponents while you secure more property. Like real life, this game depends on random chance as much as it depends on your shrewd analysis and practical strategies. It allows approximately 2-8 players per game and often takes 20-180 minutes to play.  

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Is a highly strategic game requiring careful thought. The aim of the game is to strategically occupy all 42 territories. Some versions of the game give each player a limited secret objective to complete in order to win. Up to 2-6 players can play the game and it only takes 5-15 minutes to set up. Each game can take up to 120 minutes.

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Is an intriguing child-friendly murder mystery game. The goal of the players is to figure out who of the 3-6 players in the game committed the murder; with what was it committed; and wherein the nine-roomed mansion did it happen? 

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Trivial Pursuit 

This is a great way to test what you know. The aim is to answer all six questions from six different categories correctly to fill your token with wedges. A full token qualifies you to move to the centre where you will answer any question from the six different categories to win. The game takes at least 5 minutes to set up, allows 2-6 players per game, and takes about 80 minutes to complete.

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Is described as an abstract strategy board-and-card game. The objective is to align a sequence of five tokens either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The number of sequences needed to win depends on the number of players involved. The game accommodates 2-12 players per session. Since the game is also designed to allow teams.  A two-player game or a game with a team of two will require 2 sequences to win, While a team of three will need one.  

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Card Games


Is the world’s largest brand of Trading Cards and Collectible Stickers. A trading card consists of an image, name and a brief description of the displayed character. We have a range of Panini trading cards and collectable stickers that will immerse you in a world of wonderment.

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Top Trumps

Is an exciting, dynamic card game that brings fantastical fantasies to life. The cards are composed of an image of a character and its numerical value. The point of the game is to compare these values and the one whose cards have the highest value in each draw, takes their opponent’s card. The winner holds all the cards at the end of the game. 2 or more people can play this game for as long as you like.

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Top Trumps Quiz 

Is an interesting knowledge-based game. The goal of the game is to win three pairs of cards from answering themed questions the game is themed around. The latest Top Trumps Quiz issue has a second stage that tests memory. Here players will shovel the same cards they played with and redistribute them. The first to get three pairs of cards wins the game!

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Waddingtons Playing Cards [Play Card Games]

World-famous Number 1 Playing Cards have been the first choice for generations, and as South Africa’s official distributor of these iconic playing cards, we promise a variety of themes to choose from. Their superior quality and linen finish provides this delicate durability that card enthusiasts appreciate. These traditional playing cards can be enjoyed in multiple card game settings such as snap, blackjack, crazy eights, go fish and more.

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Snap and Pairs

This game is similar to the classic snap card game requiring quick reflexes. Instead of classic play cards, players use picture cards with matching pairs. The point of the game is to shout snap when you spot matching cards on the table.  The one who gets the most pairs wins! This game is a great way to stimulate a child’s or toddler’s hand-eye coordination. 

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Family Games

Pass The Pigs

Is an exciting game that will test your family’s risk tolerance. The goal of the game is to roll two model pigs to get to 100 points before the other players. Players can gain or lose points based on the way the pigs land. This game allows for two or more players to enjoy this thrilling game in one sitting. Pass the Pigs: Party Game is among the exciting variations we offer of this game. Here players use four pairs of model pigs, to match a position displayed on a card to gain points.  

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Mexican Train Dominoes 

Combines strategy and numeracy into an exhilarating dominoes game. The aim is to have the lowest score at the end of the entire game. Each game has about 12 optional rounds per session. Meaning games can go from a single 20-minute game up to a 12 round game lasting hours. The game can accommodate 2 to 8 players per session. 

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Family Charades

Fittingly called the “ultimate communications game”. The objective is to be the team that gets the most points from giving correct responses to motioned clues. This game will test how good your non-verbal cues are. Our family version that forms a part of our assorted variations provides excitement for the entire family. 

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Lexicon Go!

Lexicon Go Is a super-fast word game requiring wit, speed and a working voice. The objective is to create words with all your letter tiles before everyone else to win in all five rounds. The first to take the five rounds wins the game. Lexicon Go! consists of 52 lettered cards and can accommodate 2 to 6 players per session. Get our Harry Potter variation and forget playing like a muggle.  

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Puzzles and Crafts

Jigsaw Puzzles

Few joys match the satisfaction of placing that final puzzle piece. From children joyfully completing their first puzzle to adults mulling their latest 1000 piece puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are something the entire family can enjoy.

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Clementoni Puzzles 

Are a classic puzzle line known for its attention to detail. These puzzles come in varying sets of sizes, difficulties and interesting themes for everyone to enjoy. Remember to pick a puzzle size that is right for you, for the most fun.

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Are a fun way to enchant anyone fascinated by awesome geometric spirals. To enjoy Doodletops you remove the cap, insert a pin at the bottom of the Doodletop then spin a blank sheet into mind-bending geometric spirals.

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Adult Games 

Shit Happens 

The best worst game ever! It is all about figuring out which shitty situation ranks above or below the 5 shitty situation cards you have drawn from the shit pile and the first to arrange ten cards in a row is the shit winner. So! turn a fun time with friends into a revolting unhinged cringefest loaded with throated laughs.  

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