Top Trumps – Creatures of the Deep


Oceans. Pretty big, right? We?re discovering new things in them all the time, from prehistoric fish to giant squid (trust us, they?re out there somewhere). Now, CREATURES OF THE DEEP Top Trumps brings you some of the most weird and wonderful sights from the seven seas. Ahoy!


Meet our Japanese Spider Crab. He?s about the size of a grown man and is older than the Queen. You do NOT want to find him in your bath. Fancy holding a Belcher Sea Snake in your hand? Well, now you can! Disclaimer: Top Trumps in no way invites you to hold a real Belcher Sea Snake in your hand. It is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Seriously, don?t.


Mooching manatees, perky penguins, creepy conger eels (not to be confused with their ever-funky cousins, the conga eels) ? this pack has everything you would want to find in the deep blue sea, and several things you?d probably rather not come face to face with. And you won?t even get your feet wet.