Clementoni Baby – Soft Sensory Cube With Soft Blocks (4 Pcs)


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The Clemmy cube encourages sensory development and fine motor skills with embossed textures, dexterity activities, and 4 soft bricks. 🧱🇮🇹.

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A cube full of embossed textures to explore, lots of activities to stimulate the child’s dexterity and 4 soft bricks to play with. The child can fit the bricks on the upper face, insert them into the hole and retrieve them from the door with the “pop & flip.” The child presses the balls to make the cap protrude from the opposite side. Pressing the flex band has an up and down switch effect. Games that never cease to satisfy the little one. Clemmy’s are designed to promote the baby’s sensory development and fine motor skills.