You don?t need to gather nine companions to complete this jigsaw, but it might just help as you set off on your very own adventure. Assemble this stunning 1000-piece puzzle featuring some of the bravest heroes from Middle-earth. Aragorn, ?owyn, Gandalf, Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Legolas and Gimli star in this action-packed montage with their weapons raised, and their hearts ready for battle. Rediscover the beloved masterpiece of cinema that is Peter Jackson?s The Lord of the Rings trilogy twenty years on from the first film?s original release. Now you can own a piece of movie history with this stunning, officially-licensed photo montage, which is sure to thrill puzzlers and movie-goers alike with its intricate design, sharp emerald-green tones and variety of detail. When complete, this jigsaw would look stunning on the wall of any fan or collector, but be warned: once you start puzzling, you might not be able to stop. Forget second breakfast – ?we do not stop till nightfall!?