Top Trumps Card Game Packs.
Brand New In Box.
Original Licensed Products.
Top Trumps is the card game that brings your favourite things to life, whether it’s fast cars, football or Star Wars.
Each card contains a list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare these values to try to trump and win an opponent’s card.
Top Trumps is fondly remembered in the UK from its original heyday in the playgrounds of the 1970s and 1980s.
Now, thanks to our team of Top Trumps specialists led by Global Guardian Tom Liddell, the game is not only loved by nostalgic mums and dads but also kids of all ages as their favourite subjects are brought to life!
Everybody loves Top Trumps.
They’re fast-paced, super competitive, and easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy.
They’re also a great tool for teaching and learning; whether it’s teaching kids the size of jungle predators or opening a discussion on the 1936 Olympic Games, we know that kids love to learn heaps of amazing facts and stats through Top Trumps.
Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting facts and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump!