Discover thirty of the most amazing Creepy Crawlies in this exciting new pack of Top Trumps. These minibeasts might look unusual but, as you’ll discover within these thirty cards, they’re clever, unique and very hungry! Pick from a range of bugs, beetles and lice, like the almost-transparent Cellar Spider, the Centipede, the Pseudoscorpion, the Colorado Potato Beetle and the segmented Glomeris Connexa. With categories including Number of Legs, Gross Out and Rarity, bug-lovers are guaranteed to learn something new and have fun at the same time. These incredible insects might be misunderstood by some, but you can get to know them a little better thanks to the detailed photography and custom bio included on each card. Remember to pick your best stat from each card to defeat your opponents; if your stat is the highest, you get to take everyone else’s cards. Time to challenge your fellow insect lovers and budding entomologists for the title of Top Trump!