TT Disney villains Classic trump games are from last year! Now there are TOP TRUMPS! Top Trumps Disney villains is the ultimate gift for anyone who wants to learn more about the dark side from the Disney universe. Mages, evil witches, fairies and pansies and many others appear in the categories first appearance, glistening, villaininess, power and top trumps factor to overtrump each other. In the Top Trumps Disney villains there are 30 cards with cool motifs, finer stats and exciting background information – the Top Trumps Facts – to the evil protagonists from the world of Disney, which you may even not know!?! And that’s what TOP TRUMPS: All players get equal numbers of cards and then are dulled against each other. This means that if you have the highest value, you win the round and receive the top cards of your opponents, which they – together with their own – are placed under their card stack. Anyone who has all the cards in the end wins. And the best part: in all Top Trumps packs you will find a collector’s card. If you have 5 pieces of it, you can send them to us and wish you an available top trumps pack of your choice! We will then send this to your home for free! More information can be found on the back of the collector’s card.