Grab your binoculars and strap on your backpack: we’re heading out onto the savanna! Discover 30 of Africa’s most majestic creatures in this stunning new edition of Top Trumps: Africa’s Wildlife. Choose from animals like the African Lion, African Elephant, Chimpanzee, Warthog and the African Penguin as you battle it out with your friends and family. Choose your best stat from each card in an attempt to outsmart your opponents and take their cards for your own! With categories including Size, Speed, Intelligence and Danger, and custom bios that describe the animal in greater detail, you’re bound to learn a thing or two while you play. Will the Zebra’s Speed stat race you to victory, or will you laugh in your opponents’ faces with the Spotted Hyena’s Intelligence rating? Perfect for animal lovers, budding explorers and fans of Top Trumps’ classic, competitive gameplay, this pack is guaranteed to brighten up any road trip, and help you unwind after a long day on safari.